Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show

This was the official site for the first Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show. Celebrating the art of tattoo, it brought together some of the world's best tattoo artists. It's last show was in 2011, four years later. What a shame!
Content is from the site's 2007 archived pages as well as other outside sources Tattoo images are from the 2007 -2011 Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Shows .

August 31-Sept. 2, 2007
First Annual Styrian Tattoo and Hot Rod Show
Gleisdorf, Austria

International tattoo-artists are taking part in the 1.StyrianTattooShow.



Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show 2011 / 2011

  Fieser deep-sea fish from Mike from the studio Eternal Tattoo from Bruck an der Murr: There was the third place »Best of Friday«.

It is a pity, a pity. The Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show

With its premiere in 2007, it was already presented practically as one of the most beautiful tattoo events in the world and has steadily grown in quality, mood, size and entertainment value. On the third weekend in August, the fourth edition of the show was adopted by its visitors , Yvonne and Andy from the Mystery Touch Tattoo Studio have been over the top in organizing this top event - despite their excellent, motivated and always friendly helper team, despite the unprecedented support of the City of Gleisdorf and despite the consistently positive feedback that they provide from practically all visitors and participants of the last years. But even with motivation, support and recognition not all problems can be solved which brings such an event with it. The fourth Gleisdorfer Convention should therefore definitely be the farewell event, and to that extent mingled with the boisterous celebration, the hustle and bustle, the tattooing, rocking and the cozy get-togethers throughout the weekend, always a bit of sadness.

Last year, the Tattoo Convention took place in the Styrian town, the almost 6000 inhabitants counts, paused. Andy and Yvonne wanted to give themselves and their team a break after the first three years of the convention organization in order to be back in 2011 for exhibitors and visitors and give it a go. And they succeeded without question! The gala dinner is legendary, with which exhibitors and artists are welcomed on the eve of the convention by the organizers in Gleisdorf; In an elegant evening attire, tattoo artists, dealers and artists can enjoy a spectacular multi-course meal as well as entertaining show performances and get to know each other. The effort of the Orga-Team here every year sends a clear signal to the participants: This show is not about commerce and coal, here the focus is on the tattoo artists, their art,



Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show 2009

Joe Capobianco's vampire monster girl won the Best of Saturday trophy.

Gleisdorf, a relatively manageable, five thousand-soul village in Styria, Austria, has been synonymous with a world-class convention since 2007 in the tattoo scene.

At the top event, which Yvonne and Andy of the Mystery Touch Tattoo launched for the third time at the end of August, almost twice as many people live as in Gleisdorf. Hotels, hostels, guesthouses and holiday apartments in and around the Styrian town are often fully booked months in advance.And the announcement on the convention homepage that there will be no tattoo show in Gleisdorf in 2010 was an additional incentive for many to not miss the event this year.

It's understandable that the organizing team wants to "take off" next yearSince the spectacular premiere in 2007, it has always been the concern of Yvonne and Andy to go one better every year. This is of course associated with a huge amount of work, especially since the Styrian Tattoo and Hotrod Show is no longer just a tattoo convention, but also a US custom car show and rockabilly festival. And for every area, only the best is in question: for friends of psycho and rockabilly rail, the Frantic Flintstones were flown in specially for the convention. Unfortunately, the Saturday night, when the psycho cult band rocked on the outdoor stage, was a bit rainy, but psychos and Rockabillies are apparently waterproof, at least nobody let the bad weather spoil the mood.

In the tattoo area in Gleisdorf anyway every year, the best in their field represented.Liorcifer, Jo Harrison, Benjamin Moss, Lard Yao, Bernie Luther or Leo belong virtually to the regular cast, as well as Mäx from Bad Ischl, Miss Nico, Leslie Reesen or the two Andys from Germany (the electric and the Kitzinger). Comic-style pin-up artist Joe Capobianco and Japanese expert Jack Mosher were invited as special highlights this year. Even those artists who were there for the first time immediately noticed the extremely relaxed and relaxed atmosphere of this event. No one was annoyed when he asked for a triple plug, tape or a copy. On the contrary, the helpers, who were constantly approachable, often offered unsolicited help. That, of course, contributed to a relaxed mood,
Some conventions in which the team - if at all findable - is basically responsible for nothing and just to be there to make life difficult for the exhibitors, there could be some thick slices ... Also at our TM booth, we were able to benefit from the help of the fun-loving Orga team; We had 3,000 magazines delivered to Gleisdorf, which had to be transported to the hall first. Thanks to the hard-working helpers, all the piles of piles were ready for take-away for the visitors on time at the TM booth, just in time for the opening of the hall on Friday afternoon. In addition to the current issues of the tattoo magazine and TattooStyle we had, as previously announced in the TM, yes even leftover stocks of very old issues, which some fans have been very happy; Many a long-standing TM reader was able to fill the gaps in his collection with long-outdated issues from the 90s.

As in the years before, I was invited to the contest jury by organizer Andy; I always like to do that, because that's how you get in the front row, what is required at an event. And instead of walking through the ranks and looking around for tattoos, you can sit down for a while and the tattoos run past you - very comfortable! Judging the tattoos, however, is often quite tricky. For example, the "Best of Friday" saw a stinging match between a straight portrait tattoo and a top-tattooed vampire girl in comic style; With such tattoos that do not compare to the style, it's really hard to decide which of them should be better. But I think anyway that you should not take judicial decisions too seriously, after all, it is important that the wearer is satisfied with his tattoo and not / 2008

Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show 2008

26.09.2008 | Text: Dirk-Boris | Pictures: Volker Rost

  Greasy collection: Kathrin is decorated by Brave, Voodoo Tattoo (Graz, A

As the "electric Andy" of the Body Electric Studio from Willich would have bitten better on the tongue last year,when he was asked by Yvonne and Andy, the organizers of the Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show, if he had any wishes or complaints. Because the exhibitors at this convention are being cared for more than at any other event, Andy could not help but complain that the twenty meters between the parking lot and the convention hall had to be run by themselves. He should have known that such a comment would not be without consequences. And so Andy was picked up from the parking lot this year at the start of the second Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod show with a litter specially made for him and carried into the hall ... because this year nobody really should have been able to say that he had any problems in Gleisdorf something missing!.

Already at the premiere of this convention in Styria last year, both exhibitors and guests were amazed by the great organization, the varied program and the atmospheric location, a former Dominican nunnery. The fact that an event in Gleisdorf, which itself has only a good 5,000 inhabitants, is able to attract almost twice the number of inhabitants to guests in the community, also convinced the mayor that tattoo fans are now a serious economic factor.

Accordingly, he offered Yvonne and Andy equal to his support for the second edition of this top convention and inquired a bit premature, if he could otherwise contribute anything to the success of the event. "Gladly," said the tattoo artist couple, "we need a closed off road, because we want to run a quarter-mile race with hot rod cars!" The mayor then looked a bit strange, but he would not have asked have to. He had just got away with it now.

But the Quartermile race on Sunday morning was just one of the innovations Yvonne and Andy had come up with with their team for their event. The entire convention had been raised a little bigger this year; In the event center »forum Kloster« there were more tattoo artists than last year and also the outdoor area was designed generously.

In a large tent, right next to the monastery, visitors had enough space to eat, drink and chat over beer benches, while on a small stage live bands from psychobilly to death metal appeared. The walk to the monastery lined, as in the past year, many stunning hot rods; many visitors took the opportunity to be photographed in front of the crazy Rennsemmeln and Cruisers.

The fact that especially the music program had been moved outside, was particularly well received by the tattoo artists, who like to do without live sound during their work. As in the previous year, the lineup of tattoo artists was the very first cream: Liorcifer, Hernandez, Aaron Bell, Jo Harrison, Moro Tattoo or Asian top tattoo artists, such as Miyazo from Japan or Eddie from Borneo Ink, found their way back to Styria Village, which became the hotspot of the international tattoo scene for three days due to the presence of this top tattoo artist.



My partner and I attended the Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show 2011 while on vacation. It was a pure luck adventure. We started talking to a couple on the plane to Europe who sported amazing tattoos and they told us about the show. We made a detour in our trip's itinerary to attend. It was AMAZING! The talent of these artists is extraordinary. We were so disappointed to learn that we had attended the last one. This past year we went to Maui. It was part business and part pleasure. My partner booked us a waterfront rental in Lahaina on the west coast of Maui. The historic town of Lahaina was once the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the center of the global whaling industry. It has all the usual tourist shops, some great restaurants, and a huge huge Banyan Tree (Maui's oldest living tree) in the town square. One evening while we were walking back to our place after dinner we spied a tattoo shop called the Skin Factory. We dropped by the next day to check them out. The photos of their artists' work are impressive. We had a long discussion with the owner and decided on our next trip to Maui, yes we will definitely return, we will get tattoos there. One really nice thing about these guys is their attention to cleanliness - when I mentioned this & because they knew our plans to open a restaurant they gave us their janitorial supplies connection with a rave review. Being clean freaks is a selling point for them and ditto our restaurant. Wholesale prices on everything from Clorox wipes, dish soap, trash bags, toilet paper, and paper towels are something we're hugely grateful for. We looked at the store's mаnу references, tаttоо dеѕіgn examples, аnd tattoo аnd piercing рhоtо bооkѕ оf each аrtіѕtѕ wоrk fоr іnѕріrаtіоn. And we actually chose the tattoo artist whose work we liked the best. We booked an іnіtіаl соnѕultаtіоn. We even made a dероѕіt so the artist could create some sketches fоr our tаttoos. We said we would be back in several months to actually get the tattoos. Our business plan to invest in a restaurant looks as if it will happen, so I suspect we will be visitng Maui pretty frequently. Looking forward to getting a new tattoo.



2007 1st Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show

There are MORE artists to come! Make sure to check back regularly. On this page you find the artists that are working @ the show. You have the chance to get tattooed by an artist of your choice. Simply click on the studio-button of the preferred artist - look at his/her works and get an appointment by EMAILing him/her - hurry up to prepare the case of a fully booked artist!
Below the artist you find the traders.

Opening hours of the 1.StyrianTattooShow.

* FR.
31. August 2007
03:00pm - 12:00am
* SA.
01. September 2007
12:00pm - 12:00am
* SO.
02. September 2007
12:00pm - 08:00pm


At these opening hours you can watch the artists and enjoy the show.


Benjamin Moss Apocalypse Tattoo  
Bugs Evil From The Needle  
Boris Boris Tattoo  
Bernie Luther Tattoo Demon  
Hori Hiro Hori Hiro Japan Tattoostudio
Mario Barth Starlight Tattoo  
Miyazo Miyazo Tattoo  
Vatea Mana Tahiti Tatau  
Leo Naked Trust Tattoo  
Miguel Ramos Jaganath Tattoo  
Eddie Borneo Ink  
Ian Comedian Tattoo  
Horikitsune aka Alex Reinke Holy Fox Tattoos  
Nori Suegetsu Tattoo  
Igl Stichtag  
Gabriel Govea Gabo Tattoo  
Pele Skin Deep Art  
Sergio Villagran On the road  
Andy Engel Andy`s-Tattoo-Piercing Studio  
Fabian Langes Clockwork Tattoos  
Andy Schmidt Andy's Body Electric  
Christina/Mario/Jürgen Mystery Touch Tattoo  
Annabelle "Poetry on Skin" Tattoo  
Olli Only Tattoo  
Lard Yao Lard Yao Tattoo  
Eric Holman Electric Tattoo  
Monika Happy Needles Tattoo
Gerhard Wimmer Art Factory  
Ced Forever Tattoo  
Bret Zarro Custom Tattooing  
Max Tattoos To The Max  
Ruth & Robb Eternal Tattoos  
Marco Hengst Skin-a-matic  
Skinelectrics The Penetration Incorporation  
Andrej Alien Tattoo  
Volker Buena Vista Tattooclub  
Susan Susan Tattoo  
Jarno Kantanen TATUATA  
Erwin Spirit of Kondor  
Zhivko Bloody Blue Tattoo  
Sergey Stoma Artstudio Stomatattoo  
Mike Koren Eternal Tattoo  
Günter Tattoo & Piercing Tribe
Fabio Moro Morotattoo  
Maddin Studio 74 Tattoos  
Dana House of Tattoo  
Tom Evil Fantasies Tattoos  
Alex de Pase Alex de Pase Tattoo Studio  
Miss Nico All Style Tattoo  
Robi Boris Tattoo  
Vroni / Pauli Pinup-Tattoo  
Jan Für Immer Tattoo  
Liorcifer Last Rites Tattoo
Rob Koss XXX Tattoo  
Nadia Schuler Soulmarks Tattoo  




Pierce style  
Drunken Sailor  
Workhouse Tattoostuff  
Cold-Skin Tattoo Supply Amsterdam  
Gentlemans Tattoo Flash  
Global Tattoo Supplies  
Custom Parts & Wear  
Inochi Jewelry  
White Dragon  
Ed Hardy Books & Limited Edition Prints  


Fr. 31. Aug. 2007
03:00 PM
Salutation and introduction of all tattoo-artists and traders byLina van de Mars
05:00 PM
Ski King live on stage
06:00 PM
Recitation by Herbert Hoffmann at the Katharina hall
07:00 PM
Surprise stageshow
07:30 PM
Ski King live on stage
08:30 PM
Tattoo Contest:
Best of Day | Best Tribal | Best Large (black/grey)
dvd presentation: Kill Eulenspiegel with Alf Poier
10:30 PM
Party with Tennessee Manace until 12:00 AM
12:00 AM
Sa. 01. Sep. 2007  
12:00 PM
Entrance and salutation
01:30 PM
Cadmium Baloney live on stage
02:30 PM
Recitation with slide-show by Traveling Mic and Dirk Boris at the Katharina hall
03:00 PM
Auction of Alf Poiers live tattoo
03:30 PM
Surprise stageshow
04:00 PM
05:00 PM
Tattoo Contest:
Best Large (colour) | Best Small | Best Tribal
Alf Poiers Live Tattoo
07:30 PM
Cadmium Baloney live on stage
08:30 PM
Best of Day
10:00 PM
Fucking crazy and sexy fashion show by
Drunken Sailor
12:00 AM
Rocking Aftershow-Party at Rossini with band
Su. 02. Sep. 2007  
12:00 PM
02:00 PM
Tennessee Manace live on stage
03:30 PM
Recitation by Herbert Hoffmann at the Katharina hall
05:00 PM
06:00 PM
Tattoo Contest:
Best Japanese | Best of Day | Best of Show
08:00 PM



2nd Styrian Tattoo & Hot Rod Show 2008 in Gleisdorf

For detailed informations and tattoo-appointments please visit the page Artists.

Hosted by: Lina van de Mars known from TuningTV@DSF
Childs Corner - for the small visitors

Location: Forum Kloster in Gleisdorf (AUT)
Here you find a detailed description of the location!

In case of accommodation you find some selected motels here.
Hotel CheckIn
Hotel Ochensberger
Hotel Brauner Hirsch


Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show / Tattoo Convention Gleisdorf






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